BUM – Network of Culture for Children and Youth in Central Denmark Region, Aarhus 2017-project Cultural Children of Europe, and Agency for Culture and Palaces incl. the European ACEnetwork organize a seminar and conference with the theme: CHILDREN, ART & CULTURE + SUSTAINABILITY. The goal is to strengthen the European network within childen and culture across borders.

This year you have the opportunity to tailor your own seminars: Wednesday and Thursday or conference days: Thursday and Friday. This allows you to sign up for the days with the activities, workshops and presentations that are relevant to you.

Download presentations here:

Bennyé D. Austring: Art & Culture for 0-8 year olds in Denmark

Brian Degn Mårtensson: Culture and pedagogy

Eeva Anttila: Ensuring access to art and culture for all children

Joan Parr: ACEnet

Lars Geer Hammershøj: Why are art and culture important for children?

Lone Belling: Sustainability and cultural formation

Niels Græsholm: The impact of children’s and young people’s encounter with the arts

Åste Selnæs Domas: The state-of-the-art in early childhood education and care at National level in Norway

Marianne Grymer Bargeman: Presentation of ARoS

For the presentations of Anne Bamford, please contact Karoline Rasmussen, Kulturprinsen:


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