Keynote speakers:

Christian Have

Christian Have is the proprietor and creative director of Have Communication, which he founded in 1983. Have Communication has grown for over three decades to become Scandinavia’s largest communications agency in the field of culture.

Christian Have also has his own counseling business, where he works as an adviser for individual actors, especially in the creative and cultural world. Have is a widely used lecturer especially in the field of culture and active participant in the public debate. He has also written several books on culture, communication and audience behavior.

He has founded three policy institutes (tænketanke) for which he is also chairman of: Supertankeren (Strategic Cultural Policy), Spring Digital (Social Media Innovation and Development) and The Future Tank (Future Research, especially in Communication, Innovation and International Cultural Dialogue).

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Christian Have is the moderator during the conference.

Anne Bamford

Professor Anne Bamford is Director of the Education Commission and the International Research Agency. Anne has been recognized nationally and internationally for her research in arts education.

She is an expert in the international dimension of education and through her research, she has pursued issues of innovation, social impact and equity and diversity. A world scholar for UNESCO, Anne has conducted major national impact and evaluation studies for the governments of Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland, Hong Kong, Ireland and Norway.

Amongst her numerous articles and book chapters, Anne is author of the “Wow Factor: Global research compendium on the impact of the arts in education” which has been published in five languages and distributed in more than 40 countries.

Lars Geer Hammershøj

Lars Geer Hammershøj is Associate Professor at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, PhD in sociology from University of Copenhagen.

Lars has published books and articles about creativity and innovation, the future of education, and diagnosis of the times. He is a former director of the research programme Diagnostics of Contemporary Education and a former director of undergraduate studies, at the Danish School of Education. His latest books are Kreativitet – et spørgsmål om dannelse (2012) and Dannelse i uddannelsessystemet (in print).

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Lone Belling

Lone Belling is a Leadership- and organisation consultant and founder of ‘Liv og Lederskab’. Former journalist and director of Byhøjskolen in Odense.

As consultant I integrate my professional experience from the fields of communication, process work, education, management and leadership. My approach is interdisciplinary, building on a combination of theoretical and practical experience including a broad range of methods. Worked with Theory U as a key concept since 2004 and have a lot of practical experience in designing and guiding strategically and co-creative processes.

My latest work has focused on how to create global and local sustainability in individuals, in the social field and the systems around. Here our educational system is a keyplayer with a urgent need to emphasise not only skills but also the character building – including attention, empathy and resiliens.

Published numerous articlkes and 3 books: Fortællinger fra U’et (2010), Teori U som ramme for innovative organisationsudvikling (2012), and Bæredygtig dannelse – skitser til en empatisk verden (2017).

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Steen Hildebrandt

Professor in Management and Organization at the Department of Marketing and Organization, Aarhus University. From 2014 Adjunct professor in leadership at the Center for Business Development and Management, Department of Production and Business Administration, CBS, Copenhagen Business School. From 2015 adjunct professor at the Department of Philosophy and Learning, Faculty of Social Sciences, Aalborg University. An extensive author of these topics.

Hildebrandt is also a lecturer, board chairman and board member of several companies, associations, etc. Former wise man in the National Competence Council.

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Eeva Anttila

Eeva Anttila works as a professor of dance pedagogy at Theatre Academy of University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland, and leads the MA program for dance pedagogy. She completed her Doctor of Arts degree in dance at the Theatre Academy, Finland in 2003.

Her research interests include dialogical and critical dance pedagogy, embodied learning, embodied knowledge and practice-based/artistic research methods. During 2009-13 she lead a development and research project in collaboration titled “The entire school dances!”

Anttila is actively involved in national and international dance and arts education organizations and journals. She served as the Chair of Dance and the Child International (2009–2012), and has published several articles and book chapters nationally and internationally.

Anttila is co-editor of the International Journal of Education in the Arts and a member of the editorial board of the Nordic Journal of Dance: Practice, Education and Research. Currently she is involved in the ARTSEQUAL -research project (see She is also a member of the Board of Uniarts.

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Tatiana Chemi

Tatiana Chemi is Associate Professor in Educational and Organizational Innovation, Department of Learning and Philosophy at Aalborg University. She researches and teaches in artistic learning processes and creativity.

She is the author of several published articles and reports and is also the author of Artbased Approaches. A Practical Handbook to Creativity at Work, Focus Publishing, 2006, The Art of Integrating Arts in Education, Aalborg University Publishing, 2012, In the Beginning Was the Pun: Comedy and Humor in Samuel Beckett’s Theater, Aalborg University Press, 2013, and The Art of Arts Integration, Aalborg University Publishing, 2014.

In 2013, Aalborg University Board Tatiana Chemi appointed the author of the year. Her recent work focuses on distributed creativity, artistic creativity and artistic partnerships, published in the following contributions: Julie Borup Jensen and Lone Hersted, Frankfurt, Peter Lang, 2015; Behind the Scenes of Artistic Creativity; ‘Distributed Problem Solving: How Artists’ Participatory Strategies Can Inspire Creativity in Higher Education’, i C. Zhou (ed.). Handbook of Research on Creative Problem Solving Skill Development in Higher Education, IGI global. 2016.

She is currently involved in research projects that explore artistic creativity across cultural, art-integrated education designers in schools and theater laboratories.

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Niels Græsholm

Niels Græsholm is Senior Consultant at The Agency for Culture and Palaces and works as an advisor for The Danish Arts Foundation concerning children, youths, and arts.

Since 2015, he has been Project Manager of the foundation’s projects that focus on the effects of children’s and youths’ encounter with arts – a task that has been temporarily concluded by the overdelivery of a research design for research into children’s and youths’ encounter with arts in the open school to The Arts Foundation and a research report about Huskunstnerordningen.

In addition, Niels Græsholm is an associate professor at The Institute for Arts and Culture Science at University of Copenhagen and a conductor.

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Ulla Voss Gjesing

Ulla Voss Gjesing is Centre Director of Kulturprinsen, Development Centre for Children’s and Youth Culture in Viborg: ’Courage for Creativity’. Facilitates art and culture projects, workshops, and action learning processes in the daily practice with children, pedagogues, teachers, and artists in daycare and schools. Culture leader and coach with roots in the compass of the heart.

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Brian Degn Mårtensson

Brian Degn Mårtensson has written several books on pedagogy, teaching, philosophy and science studies. He is a pedagogic philosopher and employed at Aarhus University. For many years, Brian Degn Mårtensson has been a popular speaker in Denmark and other countries. One of his latest publications: ”Konkurrencestatens pædagogik og Tilblivelse og tilsynekomst”.

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Tone Pernille Østern

Tone Pernille Østern is a dance artist, dance teacher, leader of Inclusive Dance Company and professor in arts education with a focus on dance at the Department for Teacher Education, Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway.

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